Identifying your medical issues

Northern Arizona Healthcare is known for its expertise in imaging and in evaluating a wide range of diseases and conditions.

From development to accurate interpretation, our imaging teams perform testing with your physician's concerns in mind. This process produces precise diagnostic results, often preventing the need for more invasive surgical procedures.

Did you know?

  • Northern Arizona Healthcare has the advanced technology required to perform around-the-clock X-ray imaging anywhere in the hospital.
  • Verde Valley Medical Center has a cutting-edge scanner that reduces your exposure to radiation by an average of 60 percent.
  • Two of our locations use 3-Tesla, or 3T, magnetic field strength equipment, offering the highest quality MRIs in Northern Arizona.
  • Clinical staff from Mayo Clinic came to Northern Arizona Healthcare to see and learn about our advanced nuclear medicine camera.
  • Our ultrasonographers are nationally registered and perform a variety of procedures, including invasive examinations. 
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