About us: Did you know?

  • If you’re sick and need to be seen within 24-48 hours, you can schedule an appointment through the patient portal at one of our five primary care clinics.

  • Our children's specialty clinics offer pediatric outpatient services to children in need throughout Northern Arizona. These clinics are available to any child upon referral from a physician. 

  • We offer free health risk assessments for breast cancer, lung cancer and heart disease.

  • Northern Arizona Healthcare offers price estimating services to help you predict the cost of health services. This service is available to all patients, whether insured or uninsured.

  • Our Heart & Vascular Center of Northern Arizona has locations in the Verde Valley as well as in Flagstaff. In the Verde Valley, HVCNA is an outpatient cardiology physician practice. In Flagstaff, HVCNA provides hospital-based, surgical care for both the inpatient and outpatient populations.

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