Waking up to serious sleep issues

The team at Northern Arizona Healthcare Sleep & Pulmonary Center treats 82 sleep-related disorders affecting adults and children ages five and older. 

We're the only facility in the region to be accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

If you face sleep challenges, ask your primary care physician for a referral to our Sleep Center, where our knowledgeable staff of sleep experts can help.

When getting rest is anything but easy

Experts estimate that 70 million Americans have sleep problems that interfere with their daily activities. About half of these people have an undiagnosed sleep disorder and should be tested. 

Sleep apnea is responsible for approximately 50,000 premature and preventable deaths every year. It's also the leading cause of heart failure, hypertension, enlarged hearts and strokes – all of which can improve dramatically with the right treatment.

Other common conditions are insomnia and restless legs syndrome. Regardless of your specific sleep disorder, our specialists can provide you with a comprehensive care program that includes an evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. 

Children also suffer from insomnia, narcolepsy, teeth grinding, sleep walking, sleep talking and nightmares. With proper treatment, children can get enough restful sleep to lead healthy, productive lives.