Roll up a sleeve and be a hero during National Blood Donor Month in January


Would you like the chance to make a lifesaving difference to not just one, but many, people this winter? Is your New Year’s resolution to help change the world? Please think about taking a few minutes to donate blood.

In 1970, the American Red Cross established January as National Blood Donor Month. Wintertime is the toughest season in terms of blood donations – cold, stormy weather and illnesses such as colds and the flu can make regular donors temporarily unable to donate (and discourage new donors from starting).

At the same time, the need for blood is as urgent – or even more so – than the rest of the year. Statistics show that blood is needed about every two seconds.

Your blood, a gift only you can give, will help save the lives of:

  • Children with chronic anemic conditions, or hemophilia, requiring transfusions.
  • Women with pregnancy or childbirth complications, and their babies.
  • Victims of traumatic injuries.
  • Hospital patients who have had complex medical and surgical procedures.
  • People fighting cancer.

If you have already made a commitment to donate this winter, please keep that commitment. Each and every donation offers hope to a patient in need, and all blood types are precious.

If you are considering donating for the first time, please know that donating blood is safe, quick and simple. According to the Red Cross, you can donate blood every 56 days if you are at least 17 years of age, weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health.

Flagstaff Medical Center's next blood drive is Friday, Jan. 12. Click here for more details.