Living our Values: NAH kicks off Get Involved initiative to Build Community

A person’s overall health and wellbeing is driven by many factors, including genetics, lifestyle and what are called “social determinants.” Social determinants include factors such as income, education, social support and coping skills, home environment, experiences and employment.

At Northern Arizona Healthcare, our Mission is to “Improve health, heal people.” This means taking care of people when they are sick, providing medical care to keep them well, and partnering to “Build community,” one of our five new organizational Values.

Achieving our Mission is only possible if our colleagues live our values. So, in order to support our colleagues in living our Values, we kicked off a new initiative last week called Get Involved.

Strong community support structures help fill the gaps in education, access to healthcare, food or housing, behavioral health and other factors that contribute to health. Many organizations throughout Northern Arizona work hard to provide programs to address these needs. NAH is committed to helping our partners in the community to fill these gaps. Get Involved is a new colleague program that gives every NAH colleague 4 hours of paid time off per year to volunteer in our communities with 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations who provide services to our residents.

The health and wellness of families, friends and neighbors is shaped by the communities where we choose to live. Northern Arizona Healthcare is committed to helping our partners create communities where everyone can be successful.