Meet our providers - William Hallier, MD, orthopedic surgeon

William Hallier, MD, orthopedic surgeon

William Hallier, MD, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, recently joined Northern Arizona Healthcare’s Verde Valley Medical Clinic – Orthopedics.

Dr. Hallier retired from the United States Air Force three years ago after serving for 32 years. He spent the first half of his career as an F16 pilot and then went into medicine. Dr. Hallier’s primary areas of interests are trauma, soft-tissue coverage, infections, joint work and sports medicine.

Q: What is your care philosophy?

A: It’s simple – treat every patient with respect and understanding. Everything I do with a patient is done as part of a team; there’s nothing I can do as an orthopedic surgeon by myself. I have so many people who help me with every step along the way. The patient is an important part of that. One of the key things that I try to focus on is that I want patients to feel comfortable and understand that I really care about their problem and I want to help them get better.

Q: What do you enjoy about being in the field of medicine?

A: Mostly the patient interaction, but also the interactions with the other hospital staff and support teams that make it all work. It’s not a lonely profession.

Q: Tell us about your specialty. What drew you to it and what keeps you in it?

A: Orthopedics is unique in my mind. In my experience as a surgeon, it really lets me deal with patients who predominately really want to get back to doing something that they are no longer able to do to their satisfaction. There are not many specialties where you can evaluate a patient, get a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that will help lead towards a recovery from a problem that has been troubling the patient.

Q: Does your scope of practice include holistic/integrative medicine? If so, please provide details.

A: Not specifically, however, I am very supportive of those. If patients feel that they get a benefit from ancillary type treatments, I am all for that.

Q: What are the areas of expertise and interest are you most excited about bringing to NAH?

A: My soft-tissue coverage experience. I did two tours in Afghanistan and dealt with a lot of blast injuries, burns and very challenging fractures. I think that is one of the areas where I uniquely qualify to really help patients who have those types of problems, particularly traumatic fractures, which is really in the boat of what I do.

Q: Why did you choose to relocate here?

A: I have been practicing on and off in the Verde Valley community for about four to five years. I know the area fairly well and have been really happy with all of the patients I’ve met here. It’s just a wonderful community and so I really enjoy being here.

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